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I've been going to Dr. Ian Iwane (at his old location) for about 9 years now. While his SOMA location was close to work, his new office is close to home. His dental office is about 2-3 blocks from the El Cerrito Center BART Station. Professional and friendly staff with great individual service will keep me coming back.  To top it off, there is even free parking!

Dr. Seet is very gentle and kind. The office wrote "TLC" on my file because I told them I get extremely anxious before and during dental appointments. (Among other adventures, a previous dentist drilled into a nerve--that was fun.)  After 7 years of going to Dr. Seet, I no longer get extremely anxious, and I no longer need to take 5 mg. of Valium in order to actually keep my appointments. Actually, come to think of it, getting my teeth cleaned every 6 months and seeing my dentist once a year are about the only health care appointments I go to as frequently as is recommended. Thanks, Dr. Seet, for helping me get over my dental phobia. You're great. 

Dr. Seet is the best dentist ever.  She is extremely thorough and takes the time to explain my options and the procedures themselves, but ultimately leaves the decisions regarding my treatment up to me.  It's my mouth after all!  Her staff is also very nice, pleasant, and they communicate very well.  They are also aware of what their own expertise and limitations are; they know when to refer out to other specialists.  I used to work for a endodontist (root canals), who deal with many many general dentists, and can say that Dr. Seet really is one of the best.


dr. ian iwane's newest location...thorough and efficient cleaning in under an and gummy teeth molding for invisalign...follow-up emails with simulated animation videos of before and after...cut, grind and cement...minor prep work required for invisalign fitting....slight slur of speech from plastic trays, but hardly anybody ever noticing...months passing, and teeth straightening and cleanings...nearly finished, but dr. ian iwane still looking for perfection...improvising and adding extra pressure points to move stubborn teeth...getting a lot of compliments about my teeth...polished and perfect...

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